Massages and cosmetic treatments


Do the best for your health and relax with one of our massages or shine by choosing quality face and body treatments. We offer classic relaxing massages as well as more demanding treatments with longer-lasting effects.

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Cosmetic treatments


We offer facial treatments adapted to different skin types and a large assortment of facial care products.

Casmara is one of the best Spanish cosmetics companies that provide the most effective products through unique and exclusive formulations and exceptional results based on more than 45 years of research.

Casmara product lines are primarily intended for face and body care. It has exclusive ingredients obtained from a team of chemists and pharmacists constantly conducting research. Casmara also has a perfectly integrated laboratory into the production system. Active ingredients of the latest generation, pioneers on the market, and certified and studied specific formulas are used to guarantee the product’s efficiency and effectiveness and quick and lasting results. Casmara is the creator of the ‘original Alge peel-off mask,’ present in all professional face and body treatments. Their composition is based on algae, top-quality active ingredients that enable better absorption of the active ingredients applied earlier during the treatment, intensively hydrate and enhance each action.


Scrubs and body care lotions

Quality, exclusivity, and inspiration by nature are the basic principles by which Dr. Spiller’s brand leads in the development of highly effective innovations with the ultimate goal of maintaining healthy skin and supporting its natural functions.

With Dr. Spiller Skin care Solutions, we achieve skin harmony, the key to radiance, and inner and outer beauty.

The uniqueness and strength of Dr. Spiller’s products are based on their ability to release active ingredients at the point where they fulfill their function and become maximally effective. The product range provides multiple product lines and solutions for all skin problems and specific needs.

Exclusive cosmetics with the signature Made in Germany will turn any facial and body care into an actual ceremony, with an experience for all the senses.


Face and body care treatments and face and body care products

Babor performance: Made in Germany

BABOR is one of the leading international brands of professional cosmetics.

To meet its customers’ highest demands, BABOR relies on more than 60 years of expertise in skincare made in Germany: all research, development, and production activities take place exclusively at the company’s headquarters in Aachen. Therefore, every product, from the idea to the finished jar, represents a promise of quality and stands for science, precision, and performance.

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